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Earlier this week, a group of entrepreneurs moved into the brand new Entrepreneurship Village at the Universiti Brunei Darussalam, UBD. These specially selected entrepreneurs are starting a 5-week journey of professional growth and business success.

Entrepreneurship Village is a community incubation program run by members and staff of UBD including a visiting professor and entrepreneurship expert, Steve Gold from Babson College in the United States. Entrepreneurship Village targets the K-12 (Year 1 to Year 12) students, institutes of higher learning, and members of the community. People from these categories can seek advice and guidance from Entrepreneurship Village to enable them to grow as entrepreneurs and succeed with their business ventures.

During the inaugural program, each participant will study the fundamentals of successful entrepreneurship, and put these lessons to immediate use in their own businesses. The first week of the program focused on entrepreneurial strategy, value exchange, business models and effective communication. Participants receive individual mentoring, and belong to a community of peers who are encouraged to share their life experiences, expertise and personal connections. The participants are expected to contribute to the diversification and success of Brunei’s economy, in line with our ‘Vision 2035’.

According to entrepreneur and participant, Vincent Loh, “ This program provides us with a platform to equip ourselves with technical know-how, and at the same time gives us the required guidance and network to actualize our ideas. And I reckon this program doesn’t end really end – but is instead a long term journey that will ensure that I’m on the right track, and also the fast track!” As Professor Gold reiterates, “This program is the next step in the entrepreneurial journey for each of the participants. As a team, we are all building a community of Bruneian entrepreneurs who share the motivation and mindset to succeed, and to also give back to the community by inspiring and training future generations.”

Each of the participants was specially selected from a large group of applicants. Overall the participants represent a diverse range of ages, experience levels, businesses and industries. The following is a complete list of participants in the program:

1. Hj Ibrahim Khalili PD Hj Abd Rahman – Owner of SPHI Foods, Managing Director of Prorynergy Sdn Bhd, and Director of SPHI Engineering Sdn Bhd. Hj Ibrahim seeks to be a leading entrepreneur and service provider for BSJV companies, as well as other companies in the Oil and Gas Industry.

2. Jonathan Nyau – a young and driven entrepreneur who is building a company that assists homeowners with solar panel installation, benefitting them with renewable energy and future opportunities to sell energy back to the government.

3. Francis Wee Wei Ming – an apartment property owner who is using energy-saving technologies to lower energy costs for his tenants, and distinguish himself as a the premier provider of energy-efficient residential rental properties.

4. Haji Abdul Halid bin Haji Saim – building a new business that provides specialized seagoing vessels, as well as manpower and maintenance, to companies in the Oil and Gas Industry.

5. Hjh Jusnani Hj Jailani – an experienced chef who dreams to penetrate the global market with chocolate products that use Brunei’s best fresh local ingredients.

6. Jimmy Chan – offering specialized medical equipment to hospitals and clinics with aims to go global in its future path.

7. Hamidah binti Ismail – Ph.D. candidate (UBD) in photovoltaic technology and founder of MW Solar Solutions, a consulting firm for the solar energy industry.

8. Dato Shofry Abdul Ghafor – owner and director of an art gallery that serves as a venue for local fine artists to showcase their talent and sell their works of art.

9. Vincent Loh – designer and provider of modular housing solutions that enable buyers to access a cost-effective, high quality and highly-flexible housing option.

10. Aiminorhiza Ramlee – owner of Tyne-Solutions Sdn Bhd, a company specializing in business IT solutions, including custom software, productivity products, and website design.

11. Dk Hjh Reda Farizah binti Pg DP Hj Ismail – owner of a commercial diving company that uses local diving talent to conduct a diverse range of services, including underwater inspections, construction, maintenance and discovery.

12. Suherdy bin Suli – successful food service and catering business owner who empowers locals, makes his customers happy, and dreams of expanding his business nationally.

For further information about the National Entrepreneurship Agenda, Entrepreneurship Village, or to speak with any of the entrepreneurs profiled, please contact Fidah Mahmod/ Zoe Taha, public relations officers for Entrepreneurship Village, at +673 725 0206/+673 816 8931, or find us on Facebook: Entrepreneurship Village and Instagram: entrepreneurshipvillage

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