Our Objectives

  • To understand student’s mindsets

  • To understand teacher’s mindsets

  • To understand both teacher’s and student’s capabilities and limitations

  • To understand what makes ‘learning’ effective


Currently, Entrepreneurship Village Higher Education [EVHE] is in Phase 1 where it focuses on classroom mindset and techniques:

  •  Technology Methodology

  •  Classroom Environment

  •  Teaching Resources

  •  Students Receptions

  •  Teacher-student Connectivity

  •  Potential Teacher-Student Synergy

P.4 (International):

After a lot of collaborations and exposures, we believe that as a result of these, entrepreneurial and dynamic individuals are created hence creating an environment that is nurturing independence and employability.


P.3 (National):

Provide assistance such as consultations, workshops and exposures of entrepreneurs to both the local and foreign people.


P.2 (Institutional):

Design a teaching methodology that can be adapted across all fields of the curriculum and implement to a role model institution.


P.1 (Classroom):

Observe the students’ and teachers’ mindset, capabilities and limitations as well as exploring an effective learning methodology.

The Framework

How We Do it?

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