About Us

What is NEA? 
National Entrepreneurship Agenda (NEA) is a plan that is initiated by Ministry of Education to realize His Majesty wish to prepare the people of Brunei for economic diversification. In shifting towards entrepreneurial mindset, the Ministry approach is by restructuring the teaching methodology into the curriculum to produce more independent, innovative and self-reliant society.


What is Entrepreneurship Village? 
The National Entrepreneurship Agenda (NEA) is the first entrepreneurship flagship agenda in Brunei Darussalam, under the Ministry of Education, that aims to create and support high growth entrepreneurs, drive job creation and economic growth in the country, in line with Brunei Darussalam’s Vision 2035. 
Subsequently, Entrepreneurship Village [EV] was established to carry out programmes that support NEA, spearheaded by Universiti Brunei Darussalam, UBD. 

“Not doing anything is the riskiest thing.” Steven K. Gold 

Our Vision
To equip knowledgeable human resources and self-sustainable society with the proper mindset that can be supplied to the whole economy.

Our Missions

  • To enhance creativity and innovative-thinkers among the students with effective modules and teaching pedagogies.

  • To create and support high growth of local entrepreneurs, drive job creation, and to boost economic growth in the country.

  • To increase the efficiency of economic diversification at the upstream level to the varieties of channels by creating and supporting entrepreneurial society.

Our Approaches 

  • Applying the core concepts of entrepreneurship pillars to all clusters.

  • Training the trainers to enable rapid scaling to the targeted stakeholders.

  • Leveraging experiential learning tools.

  • Establishing Peer to Peer support within the communities.

EV's Pillars

A way of thinking and acting that focusses on one’s actual resources and taking actions that lead to new and greater resources.

By bringing people together in order to promote the collision of ideas, creation of partnerships, and sharing of resources.

The knowledge and skills allow entrepreneurs to get things done.

EV's Platform

In EV, we design a teaching methodology that can be adaptable across all levels of curriculum, providing assistance in the forms of consultations, workshops as well as workspace for certain start-ups business that fulfill the requirement.

EV positions itself at the upstream level in providing the right mindset individuals / entrepreneurs to organizations that carries the extended role of developing them further.

EV is engineered on 3 different structures:

From K-12 [Year 1 – Year 12] students, the CE team focuses in stimulating students’ creativity by conducting short workshops using fun and engaging activities.

In higher learning institutions, the HE team examines specific curriculum by observing classes and teaching methodologies – recreate and re-engineered the curriculum to instill entrepreneurial mindset and produce strategic-thinkers and problem-solving students.

Public outreach program is conducted through series of workshops aiming to enhance interpersonal skills such as communication, creativity, teamwork, and so forth.